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What are IT Help Desk Support Services?

IT help desk services

IT help desk services are among the most common and well-known IT services. Everyone using an online platform has had an issue where they need help. This can be login issues, requiring access to company software, troubleshooting network issues etc. 

Overall, the role of IT help desk support is to help resolve customer issues and otherwise provide customer service to internal and external clients. A typical example of help desk services today is live chats on company websites. Many companies use live chat software to answer customer inquiries, provide an automated response, or pass you along to speak with a live agent. This is just one form of help desk support, but there are many other ways to do it. 

One thing you will notice with help desk support is that you are often routed to a different agent, depending on your issue. This is because some help desk employees are either trained in specific areas or have developed detailed departmental knowledge over time. By creating departmental knowledge of certain company areas and routing issues to those employees according to the customer’s needs, you provide your customers with the fastest and most reliable help desk support services. 

The Benefits of IT Help Desk Support Services

The IT help desk is an essential function within the company; it serves as most people’s first option for the resolution of any technical issues that they may be having. In this section, we’re going to highlight some of the key benefits of IT Help Desk Support:

Increased Productivity: Without IT Help Desk Support, employees would take significantly longer to resolve their issues, decreasing productivity across the company. By having a dedicated team of professionals available to help people, you ensure that your employees spend less time trying to troubleshoot their issues and more time being productive.

Customer Retention: When it comes to Help Desk Support for external customers, this is important for improving customer retention. When customers have issues, they want to have someone to help them resolve it. Customers don’t want to do business with a company that is difficult to use and lacks support for the issues they encounter. It’s essential to provide your customers with the support they need to use your products or services seamlessly. 

Better Security: By having your IT Help Desk operations under one controlled department rather than having everyone doing their own ad hoc troubleshooting, you improve your company’s security operations. You don’t want to grant multiple people the access and permissions required to manage passwords, accounts etc. It’s much more secure to have a few key people in your help desk with those permissions and access and let them administer and support other employees as needed. 

How does an IT help desk work?

Most IT help desks work through a ticketing system. A ticket is simply a detailed record of an issue that keeps track of the issue’s progress until resolution. The workflow for a help desk begins with customer intake; this can be through a phone call, live chat, email etc. Once the IT help desk gets the information relating to the issue, they will create a ticket and begin working on resolving the issue. Once the issue is resolved, the ticket will be closed, and the recorded information can be used to improve IT support desk operations further. Using the information in the resolved tickets, it can be determined if a question is asked frequently, and the resolution can be added to a knowledge base so that similar inquiries can be resolved without engaging the IT help desk.

What is the difference between an IT help desk and an IT service desk?

IT Help desk and IT service desk are terms often used interchangeably, but they are slightly different. 

There are two main types of help desk services: IT help desk and IT service desk. 

The IT help desk

The IT help desk is geared towards resolving break-fixes (incident management); it focuses on quick solutions to IT-related issues that pop up from time to time. 

The IT service desk

The IT service desk also assists with break-fix incidents (incident management) and requests for new services, access to software etc., thus the name service desk. An IT service desk also provides a broader level of service that includes IT fixes and more general support for IT services and is usually the first point of contact for any IT-related needs. 

Why do you need service desk software?

The traditional method for service desk support, where you call a call centre and wait to be answered, is now becoming an outdated model. Modern Service Desk software helps you to be far more efficient and offers many of the contemporary features that customers have come to expect. 

  • Efficiency: tracking the number of tickets opened, time to completion, and customer satisfaction. 
  • Categorizes request so you can understand the volume of the type of tickets being generated. 
  • Features: enable automated bots to answer standard questions, live-chat features, automatic customer intake and ticket creation via a support ticket system, service level agreements and more. 

When you invest in help desk software, you make it much easier to serve your customers adequately. 

Managed Help Desk services from CG Technologies

IT Helpdesk services are a vital function in modern-day business. Even if you are a small to medium-sized business (SMB), your business still relies on IT to function efficiently. Managed Helpdesk services from CG Technologies removes the overhead from your company. 

Our managed IT help desk support services are staffed 24 × 7 × 365 with Canadian-based technology and service experts who can assist with any IT-related issue. We provide our customers with an easily accessible and available source of help to ensure that their IT issues get addressed quickly, allowing their business to continue to operate. Contact us to learn more.

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