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Our Vulnerability Assessment Service finds your IT Weak Points Before the Hackers do

Vulnerability Assessment Service

Every part of your IT systems and website can provide entry points for hackers to carry out a cyber-attack and damage your business.

Our proven vulnerability assessment service uses automated vulnerability testing tools supported by qualified cybersecurity experts to scan your IT infrastructure, identify potential weaknesses, and provide recommendations to close these gaps.

Vulnerability Assessment

What can happen to the victim of a cyber-attack?

The impact of a cyber-attack can be devastating, including:

  • Stopping your business for days, even weeks.
  • Permanently losing personal, customer, and business data.
  • Having to pay a high ransom fee to hackers to unlock your IT systems. The average ransom payment is over $300,000, the highest $30 million
  • Losing existing and potential customers.
  • High regulatory fines.

Do you want this to happen to you? 

Identifying any potential cyber vulnerability can prevent disastrous losses from happening to your business.

Is my business at risk from cyber-attacks?

Every business is at risk. The chance of a cyber-attack putting you out of business has never been as high as it is today:

  • Nearly 50% of all cyber-attacks are focused on small to medium businesses.
  • A new attack is launched every 40 seconds.
  • Over 65% of organizations worldwide have had at least one successful attack against them.
  • Every day 30,000+ websites are attacked.

Requesting a vulnerability assessment from CG Technologies can help prevent this from happening to your business.

We have provided cybersecurity expertise to 100’s of businesses since 1996, keeping them safe and secure, 24 × 7 × 365.

Benefits of working with CG Technologies

  • Download the Ransomeware White PaperVulnerability analysis and increased protection against cybersecurity threats.
  • No unexpected IT downtime leading to increased business productivity.
  • More time to focus on growing the business.
  • Better return on your IT investment.
  • Dramatically improved employee satisfaction with reliable IT.
  • Predictable IT costs.

What is included in a vulnerability assessment from CG Technologies?

Our fully insured and qualified cyber security vulnerability and IT security experts will use industry-leading vulnerability assessment tools and network vulnerability assessment software to :

  • Conduct a network vulnerability assessment to identify any potential weak points in your computer networks.
  • Scan all devices attached to your networks to identify any issues.
  • Assess the security of your website using a security vulnerability assessment.
  • Review your antivirus standards and patching process.
  • Check the configuration of your firewall against industry-standard benchmarks.
  • Probe for any weaknesses using safe penetration testing techniques.
Vulnerability Assessment

Our network security vulnerability assessments are conducted without any disruption to your operations.

Once the cyber vulnerability assessment is complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that:

  • Highlights all vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritizes the risks to your business.
  • Make recommendations for how to address each risk.

Contact us today and have one of our cybersecurity team help to identify any security blind spots and address all the risks uncovered by the assessment.

Get cyber secure now

With over 25 years of experience delivering exceptional services to 100’s of companies in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), CG Technologies are confident we can deliver the same benefits to your organization – keeping you secure, delivering reliable and trusted IT solutions, and expertise. Our industry-leading solutions and services will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.

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Partnering with CG Technologies ensures that the technology your business relies on is secure, and operating efficiently while keeping your critical data safe and your business secure. Using reliable and trusted technologies, we monitor and manage endpoints 24 × 7 to detect and resolve problems even before they happen, safeguard your business, and make sure it runs smoothly. Our industry-leading solutions and services will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.