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Identity and Access Management Solutions

What is identity and access management?

Just about every IT system has a way to control access to it. Identity and Access Management can be as simple as usernames and passwords or more complex with multi-factor authentication with fingerprint scans and smart cards that are used for authentication.

Creating, maintaining, and using these digital identities requires appropriate processes, techniques, and supporting technologies. This is called Identity and Access Management, or IAM for short.

Due to the complexities of enabling secure IT system access, identity and access management solutions can be challenging for many. They require specific skills and experience to provide the necessary expertise and support.

CG Technologies is expert in providing safe and secure IAM solutions to hundreds of companies in the Toronto and Greater Toronto (GTA) area. We are versed in a wide variety if IAM technology and have helped businesses like yours with an identity and access management system to meet their needs.

Identity Access Management

Why do I need identity access management?

Your IT systems store large quantities of business-related data and critical information. Much of this will be confidential or sensitive, including information about your:

If any of this data gets into the wrong hands, the legal and financial implications for you and your business could be catastrophic. And it could be one of your employees or someone outside of your organization that accessed the information.

Establishing effective identity management and access management will prevent this from happening, keeping your business data safe and secure.

The challenges of DIY Identity and Access Management

Here are some of the challenges organizations who have tried to manage identity management solutions themselves have faced:

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  • Your staff may not have the skills, and even after training, the lack of experience can lead to access vulnerabilities, increase access issue time, and create a negative business impact.
  • Heavy IT workload means that only reactive actions are taken in response to access issues, leading to unexpected downtime from something as common as user locked out.
  • It is hard to hire skilled identity and access management technicians. These skills are in high demand with high salary expectations, so recruiting and retaining good staff isn’t easy.

Why should I partner with CG Technologies?

We are experts at addressing the challenges of complex IAM implementations, with in-depth experience in providing IAM solutions to a wide range of companies and technologies.

CG Technologies delivers identity and access management solutions and services that are best in breed. Our expertise will help protect your business, allowing you to mitigate the risks, control your costs, and allow you to concentrate on running your business.

We understand the challenges that you face. That is why we have flexible, customizable, and cost-effective managed service offerings to serve our clients better.

Leave IT to us

With over 25 years of experience delivering exceptional services to hundreds of companies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), CG Technologies can deliver the same benefits to your organization – keeping you secure, delivering reliable and trusted IT solutions and expertise. Our industry-leading strategic IT consulting and IT solutions will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.