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Cloud Transformation vs. Cloud Migration

cloud transformation

Cloud business transformation is the process of migrating your IT Infrastructure from local servers to the cloud and leveraging new cloud-based technology to improve the service you provide to your client and employees. Hosting your business in the cloud isn’t integral to business success, but more and more are moving some or all of their […]

What is Cloud Migration?

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving a company’s IT assets, such as services, applications and others, either partially or wholly into the cloud. Cloud migration is done for several reasons. Firstly, it may be a business decision that moving to the cloud will be more cost-effective, provide customers with better performance or save time […]

Why is Cloud Migration Important?

cloud migration services

Cloud migration involves moving some or all of a company’s IT resources from a local network to a cloud provider or from one cloud provider to another. There can be many reasons for wanting to perform a migration, but overall it’s done to address a specific business need or improve IT operations. Here are some […]

How Does the Cloud Migration Process Work

cloud migration process

The cloud migration process involves moving your company’s IT assets, such as data, applications, or workflows, to a cloud infrastructure. Cloud migration typically means moving your IT infrastructure from an on-premises network to be hosted in the cloud. If your IT infrastructure is already hosted in the cloud, migration refers to moving from one cloud […]

What is a Cloud Backup Solution?

What is Cloud Backup Solutions

A cloud backup is a copy of your data and applications stored on a remote “cloud-based” server. The purpose of cloud backup services is to ensure you have a secondary copy of essential data that is stored separately and can be used to restore production data in an emergency. This emergency could be a cyber-attack, […]

What are Cloud Migration Services?

cloud migration services

Cloud migration refers to moving a company’s IT assets, services, databases, applications and other resources partially or entirely into the cloud. It can also refer to moving from one cloud provider to another (e.g. Amazon AWS to Microsoft Azure). A cloud migration service is designed to help to facilitate this process by automating the many […]

How to Start Cloud Migration?

cloud migrations

Having a cloud-based infrastructure is becoming increasingly common with the development of platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Many startups and small businesses don’t want to be bothered with owning their own data centres and servers and the overhead of maintaining those systems. It’s relatively easy to build a cloud […]

What is a Cloud Migration Tool?

Cloud Migration Tool

Cloud migration is the process of moving your company’s digital assets, such as databases, IT resources, applications and services, from an on-premise location into the cloud. The migration can be a hybrid cloud infrastructure where some of your IT and applications are on-premise and some in the cloud or a complete cloud infrastructure where all […]

Cloud Migration Services – A Comprehensive Guide

cloud migration services

Is your organization still relying on an on-premise IT infrastructure rather than moving to the cloud? Talk of “the cloud” is everywhere, but not everyone is ready to make the change as there are many things to consider. Official studies have estimated that more than 70% of all businesses worldwide are still in the initial […]