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Reliable Hosted Email Services for Small Businesses

Hosted Mail Services: Why SMBs use CG Technologies 

Email is an essential tool for business communications. Secure and reliable business email management is mission-critical to every successful business. Without it, the future of your business communications is at risk.

The cost of email outages

Any email outage can quickly wreak havoc on business activities, and things quickly grind to a halt when users are unable to send or receive emails.

The impacts of email downtime can be severe:

  • Missed deadlines.
  • Lost employee productivity.
  • Unhappy customers.
  • Damaged reputation.

Surveys estimate that the cost of email downtime is more than $1,000 a minute.

Hosted Mail Services
Hosted Mail Services

Hosting email yourself

Avoiding any email outage is a key priority for any small-medium business like yours. There are challenges with hosting your own email:

  • It can be expensive over time.
  • Requires ongoing and regular maintenance to avoid outages.
  • Needs to be backed-up regularly.
  • Specialist skills are needed to counter the threats of cybercrime.

How CG Technologies can help

CG Technologies provides safe and secure hosted email solutions designed for small to medium-size businesses. We ensure that your hosted email service is:

  • Always available.
  • Not affected by disruptions or downtime.
  • Always backed up, so you never lose important emails.
  • Protected from cyber threats and spam.

Providing secure email management for small businesses since 1996.

CG Technologies has been a trusted hosted email provider to 100’s of SMBs in the Toronto and the Greater Toronto areas for over 25 years.

Our skilled email support team has a track record of excellence for our clients who rely on our hosted email services.

Hosted Mail Services: What We Do

We provide you with an enterprise-level hosted email solution that is tailored to fit your requirements and your budget.

Our hosted email solutions are perfect for growing businesses. The fixed monthly costs are based on your specific hosting needs and can flex as your business grows. Only pay for what you need!

We take on the responsibility for managing and maintaining your email. Our flexible and scalable hosted email services provide:

  • Reliable email accessibility from anywhere, anytime.
  • State-of-the-art cybersecurity and anti-spam protection that we manage.
  • Secure mailboxes for all your users.
  • Enterprise-level backup and recovery to ensure that emails are never lost.
  • 24 × 7 × 365 helpdesk and support.

Our team of experienced IT professionals will maintain and manage your mailboxes to ensure peak performance. Our email inbox management service gives your users the ability to access their emails from any device anywhere.

Leave IT to us

CG Technologies will keep you secure, deliver reliable and trusted IT solutions and expertise. Our industry-leading hosted email solutions and services will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Hosted Email Questions

Is hosted email safe?

If you use a reputable provider, hosted email is safe. In fact, it’s considerably safer than hosting email yourself. Email systems need ongoing and regular maintenance to counter emerging cyber threats. Hosted email providers have access to information on the latest methods hackers use, so they can stay one step ahead to keep your emails safe and secure.

Hackers and government agencies can break into emails when they are in transit, but email encryption can prevent this. Email encryption should be provided as a standard by a reputable hosted email provider.

How do I make changes to hosted email accounts?

Good hosted email solutions include administration features that allow approved users to make changes to hosted email accounts. When the hosted email is being configured, the customer nominates one or more users to be email administrators. They can use web portals to perform routine tasks including adding and deleting users, changing storage quotas, recovering deleted emails, and changing passwords. Features like this allow businesses to manage hosted email solutions just like they would if they were hosted locally.