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What are Cloud Managed IT Services?

Cloud Managed IT Services Defined

Cloud managed IT services are a unique offering that provides the infrastructure and architecture formerly managed by IT, along with the operations, maintenance, and repair services that support it. By providing a turnkey data center operation, cloud computing managed service providers make it easy for organizations to leverage highly available, managed IT cloud solutions while enabling IT to their resources focus on more strategic outcomes.

Why Cloud Managed Services? What is their Value?

Speed + Cost Effectiveness = Value

 With cloud managed IT services, the business is free to imagine what’s possible while enabling IT to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

They offer a game-changing approach, enabling many businesses to be created by removing the barrier of investment in infrastructure and operations staff.

In our digital world, managed IT cloud solutions enable a business to get new or changed products to market quickly. Providing speed to service is difficult for an internal IT organization that needs to first get approval to procure infrastructure before configuring it to deliver new services. In this environment, cloud managed IT solutions provide instant infrastructure and operational support that make it possible for IT to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions quickly.

 They provide a turnkey data center and infrastructure footprint to organizations on a fee-for-service basis. The ability to pay for managed IT cloud solutions on a monthly, contracted basis, enable organizations to focus on building innovative applications and web services that allow their business to take advantage of rapidly changing markets, driving new sources of revenue.

Cloud managed IT solutions, enable organizations to fund expansion with the additional revenue a new product drives, with no capital investment needed.

Cloud Managed IT Services the Risks and the Benefits


The risks faced by most in-house operational IT teams that do not leverage cloud managed IT solutions can include;

  • The ability to keep current with operating system (OS) and application software updates and patches
  • Maintaining effective security vulnerability management for the company
  • Managing data security and privacy due to insufficient domain separation between clients
  • The inability to find staff with the right expertise
  • Coping with staff shortages during vacations or sick leave
  • Insufficient data center and network redundancy
  • Poor change management processes
  • Lack of promised availability to users

Another significant risk is not having a strategy for integrating cloud managed IT services into your business’s overarching service delivery plan when considering the adoption of these services.

Areas to address in planning and strategy include:

  • Determining and documenting the infrastructure and support service requirements
  • Understanding the managed cloud IT services pricing structure and the process for making changes to existing services, like increased capacity and/or support services as the business needs continue to grow
  • Documenting the process for authorizing and obtaining additional managed IT cloud solutions as new services come online

A cloud managed services provider (MSP) may ultimately host many of your vital business services; the organization also needs a disaster recovery plan. Will the business rely on the vendor’s ability to secure their environment against data breaches, physical issues, and local emergencies or provide their own redundancy by purchasing backup cloud managed IT solutions?

Understanding the capability of the cloud managed services provider’s ability to mitigate these risks and having an overarching strategy will help the organization address any concerns.


The trend towards the popularity of these services is indicative of the cloud managed services benefits that come from a cloud computing managed service providers’ ability to leverage their scale and expertise across a variety of architectures. These benefits include a full lifecycle of support needs to deliver managed IT cloud solutions effectively.

These services benefits fall into several key areas, including investment, security, and availability:

Cloud computing managed service providers are focused on investing in the infrastructure needed to ensure the growth and maintainability of their solutions to their clients. Infrastructure is their core business, and ensuring it is replaced on a timely basis and well-maintained means that IT can focus on driving innovative business solutions.

cloud managed IT services
Security is a major benefit of a cloud managed services provider due to the level of attention a managed service provider can place on it. With a 24×7 security staff, experts can develop and deliver a unified threat management approach focused on the physical data center facilities, the network, and software vulnerabilities to ensure critical applications and data are protected.

Finally, the managed service provider can deliver day-to-day operational support cost-effectively by leveraging their expertise in automation and routine operational needs and by spreading their staff across multiple customers.

This means these services benefits deliver:

  • Minimized downtime
  • Savings over traditional internal infrastructure management
  • Decreased utility, facility, and staff costs
  • Reliable monitoring and data protection, routing batch operations and backups
    The many cloud managed services benefits and cost savings available are why both small and large businesses are shifting their approach to cloud managed IT services.

We Realize your Cloud Vision

Is your cloud vision a “set it and forget it” goal? CG Technologies provides managed IT cloud solutions that enable you to focus on innovating new digital solutions for your primary business. At the same time, we pay attention to maintaining the equipment, operating systems (OS), and networks on which these solutions run.

Is your cloud vision delivering services to your business in a cost-effective manner? Regardless of your size, CG Technologies leverages its scale and expertise to providing cloud based managed services less expensively than it costs to deliver them internally. We remove the need to find and manage skilled technicians across multiple architectures. Our specialists’ attention can be spread across several businesses’; the overall cost to you is less than acquiring the talent on your own.

Is your cloud based managed service vision one of resting easily at night, rather than worrying about external threats? It’s difficult for many organizations to obtain the security expertise needed to ensure every layer of their data center operations is secure, but this is an area in which we excel.

Whatever your cloud vision may be, we have managed IT cloud solutions to fit your needs and budget. Stop imagining your cloud vision. CG Technologies will deliver it.

Leave IT to us

Our industry-leading solutions and services will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Why Select CG Technologies as your Cloud Managed Service Provider?

When you trust your vital business services to a cloud managed service provider, you need to know you can trust them. By providing both managed IT solutions and managed cloud services, CG Technologies is a managed cloud service provider with a proven track record of success for more than twenty years.

Cloud computing managed service providers’ success is based on the quality of staff and equipment they provide. With a long-term track record in providing managed cloud services, we attract and retain quality staff. We work with leading vendors and use the best equipment available on the marketplace to deliver managed cloud services.

Working with a managed cloud service provider like CG Technologies gives you the expertise of a managed service provider who works with both large and small companies and understands the unique challenges of all of them.

CG Technologies offers flexible and customizable managed IT cloud solutions to meet your business IT needs, enabling you to focus on growing your business, not your daily operations.

Not every managed cloud service provider has the experience and track record needed to ensure your business’s success. If your organization struggles with system and service availability, talk to CG Technologies to learn more about how we can help you.


Leave IT to us

With over 25 years of experience delivering exceptional services to 100’s of companies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), CG Technologies are confident we can deliver the same benefits to your organization – keeping you secure, delivering reliable and trusted IT solutions and expertise. Our industry-leading strategic IT consulting and IT solutions will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.