Software License Management, Simplified in Toronto & the GTA

Software License Management, Simplified

Discover What You’ve Been Missing with Industry-Leading License Management Software for Businesses in Toronto & the GTA

Why Do You Need License Management Software?

First let’s start with the basics: a software license is a legal document that accompanies any software used by your organization, containing explicit guidelines on the use and distribution of the software. Some software publishers will perform periodic audits on their clients’ environment to detect, control, and prevent infringement of any pre-defined rules surrounding the use of the software. Should your business be deemed non-compliant, the consequences can range from hefty fines and legal action to the tarnishing of your reputation.
Maintaining software compliance can be a complex, time consuming process, and for many companies, the job is inefficiently preformed leading to over or under usage of available licenses.
Installed within your current enterprise system, a license management software can transform the way you procure and manage software licenses, helping you reduce the risk of illegal use of software. As rules and guidelines surrounding software use become increasingly strict, maintaining compliance with your licensing agreements should be a critical part of every organization.
In essence, software license management tools automatically perform the role of software asset management; tracking, documenting, and controlling how and where software is used throughout your organization.

Compliance & Optimization with License Manager

As part of CG Technologies’ dedication to providing the tools your enterprise needs to streamline processes and reduce costs, we are proud to partner with License Manager to offer you a best-in-class solution for software license management that can be integrated directly within your IT infrastructure.

This robust, easy-to-use platform ensures that your organization is receiving the maximum return-on-investment on your software purchases while minimizing risks associated with software compliance.

Guaranteeing a superior user experience was a priority in the development of the License Manager tool, and the result is a dynamic, and intuitive platform that takes the complexity out of license asset management. This solution is helping businesses around the world clearly identify cost savings that were previously hidden within the folds of this traditionally cumbersome process.

Businesses have reported saving 30% of their software spend within weeks of integrating License Manager into their system.
Below are a few of the many features made possible through License Manager:

  • Automatically import all software entitlement data, without the need for manual work within external spreadsheets.
  • Easily build an accurate & reliable license repository.
  • Manage physical and virtual relationships through a dedicated workspace.
  • Create, export, and share reports at the click of a button, using real-time IT asset data.
  • Seamlessly manage user-based subscription licensing schemes, helping you understand who is assigned to what, and the exact entitlement of each user.

A Smarter Approach to Software Asset Management

License Manager has been expertly developed to understand and analyze your data, generating smarter management solutions faster than capable by a consultant or through previous generations of license management tools.

This intuitive technology categorizes all software, providing valuable insight into how to maximize cost savings within your software management structure.

Take a birds-eye look at your software asset management through an intelligent dashboard with notifications that offer tips and advice to amend anomalies in your data, or if there are ill advised licensing choices being made within the system. Use this dashboard to easily identify trends and changes in data within your enterprise system, helping to optimize software spend and maintain compliance.

Seamless Installation & Ongoing Support

The CG Technologies team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring that your business within Toronto or the GTA maintains the highest level of control and compliance over all components of your IT infrastructure. License Manager can be quickly and easily integrated into your enterprise system and monitored by our team through our Managed IT Services. Alternatively, we can share the capabilities and benefits of the License Manager tool with your internal team, providing support where necessary.

Talk to us today to request a demonstration, or to learn how this solution can help you level-up your current software asset management system.

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