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Network Monitoring that keeps your critical systems running.

When it comes to IT, small issues can quickly turn into big problems if they aren’t monitored continuously. At CG Technologies, our network monitoring service takes a proactive approach, checking your critical systems every hour, every day. Our monitoring system scans your network in real-time and provides immediate alerts in the event of any issues. We take one step further than simply alerting you to potential issues, we’ll also attempt to immediately remedy the issue without intervention, disruption or escalation. You’ll have full insight into the total health of your network; We include a comprehensive monthly report to show you network logs and key activities for each month.

Our full suite of IT services means we’ll partner with you from the initial design phase to launch and rollout, and long afterward as you grow. That’s why we don’t just say “goodbye” after a project is complete. You can count on us because we’re always there, offering 24-hour support and professional network monitoring to assist in the continued success of your IT systems.

Our small-medium business clients come to us for our track record of industry know-how, in fact, we continue to serve 95% of our original client base after more than 20 years in business.

Explore our Network Monitoring services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

We partner with the very best in IT.

We know that the technology you use to power your business is critical. That’s why, our technology partners are some of the most reputable brands in technology. We only bring the very best solutions when it comes to technology, hardware, software and security to our clients.

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Our Network Monitoring Services Include:

How can we help you? We provide you with support that is 100% Canadian and acts as your full-service IT technical support team 24/7/365, without the cost of hiring and staffing resources in-house. Talk to us about our Help Desk services, which include:

  • Proactive Systems Monitoring and Alerting
    We work as your partner in IT, continuously monitoring your essential business systems and keeping your business running smoothly. We don’t “set and forget”, we are proactive in our optimization and technical support, providing 24/7 real time monitoring and management of critical IT systems and services.
  • Immediate response as soon as issues are detected. Because we’re checking your critical systems every hour, every day, we’ll send you email alerts the instant a potential issue is discovered.
  • Monthly insights and reporting. We’ll provide you with key data and network insights in a monthly report. This report will give you the entire picture of the health of your network, and any issues that were alerted throughout the month. This gives you valuable information on a regular basis as your business (and IT needs) grow.
  • Complete hardware and software inventory checks. Our team will run hardware and software inventory and provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your entire network, recording details about every computer, its software and their components.
  • Immediate response and call back guarantees. Our Help Desk is fully staffed with IT professionals during business hours to guarantee an immediate response. After hours, we guarantee our clients a 10-minute call back service to ensure that any issue is met with a solution quickly and effectively. We give you a choice with flexible network monitoring and support options.
  • Flexible support options. We offer both onsite and help desk support for our clients. Our Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, and is staffed by IT professionals who can help you get back on track.
  • Service from anywhere, anytime. Need us to take full control? We offer full remote-control capability on an as-needed basis with your control and permission. That means, network issues can be solved off premise for your convenience, and to guarantee a speedy solution.

Benefits of Network Monitoring Services:

Network Monitoring Services are perfect for growing businesses that rely on their IT systems to work at peak performance every day. CG Technologies offers network monitoring solutions that are tailored to the way your business works. Our team will proactively monitor your network infrastructure to effectively predict, alert and even fix issues quickly.  Here are just a few of the benefits our SMB clients are taking advantage of:

  • Greater visibility into potentially critical system issues. Our client relies on us to provide real-time data that will identify and fix network issues. Not only that, but we provide comprehensive reporting that allows businesses to address potentially long-term effects associated with total network and system health.
  • Real time monitoring of key performance indicators. We know that in any business, if any critical device on your network experiences an outage, the lost productivity and communication impacts your entire organization and ultimately, your bottom line. That’s why CG Technologies guarantees system checks every hour of every day, ensuring immediate alerts and fixes.
  • Leave the labour-intensive monitoring to the professionals. We take on the full management and real-time monitoring of your critical systems. This removes the burden of manual system checks and reviewing system logs and allows you to focus on the growth of your business with total peace of mind.
  • A reliable, responsive and knowledgeable extension of your team. Our Network Monitoring professionals are all IT experts that have the credentials, experience and training required to keep your network running optimally.
  • Our end-to-end approach. Our primary goal at CG Technologies is to bring our partners into a proactive IT model that simply works. With this approach, we can prevent and address issues and threats before they ever pose a risk to your business.

Network Monitoring FAQs

Q: Why do I need proactive monitoring?

A: We know that technology is the backbone of your operations, and ultimately success. Our proactive monitoring and continuous maintenance model will keep your network running at its peak potential, allowing you to grow and scale. Proactive IT is proven to reduce the risk of failures and downtime. We’ll manage the overall health of your systems and provide technical support as if we were part of your team.

Q: What kind of support does CG Technologies offer?

A: We give you a choice with flexible network monitoring and support options. We offer both onsite and help desk support for our clients. Our Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, and is staffed by IT professionals who can help you get back on track. Our Toronto and the GTA on-site support team offers flexible scheduling so that you can get the help you need whenever you need it.

Q: How much experience does your Network Monitoring services team have?

A: We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and servicing clients with big and small needs for just as long. Our support team is 100% Canadian and has a track record of excellence for our clients. Just check out our testimonials to see how many clients rely and recommend us for our Network Monitoring services!

Q: Where does CG Technologies provide service?

A: CG Technologies primarily serves clients in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area. A little further than that? Our remote capabilities and Help Desk support teams can still provide you with IT support and expertise. Contact us today to see if we can help you in your area!

More about CG Technologies

CG Technologies is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. Founded in 1996, we have built our brand upon a foundation of world class customer service, industry knowledge, and strong leadership. We believe a strong relationship between your company and ours is what creates the best IT solutions, which is why we continue to service 95% of our original client base.

We believe that IT shouldn’t be a pain for you. Let CG Technologies be your network monitoring partner while you focus on growing your business.



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