Hosted Email

hosted email


Hosting your own e-mail accounts can expensive, and it may not be the best financial decision.  Not only will you have to pay the initial cost for servers and relevant software, the upkeep and monthly costs can get overwhelming. 

With our hosted email services we assume the responsibility for managing and maintaining your email. We host POP/IMAP and full exchange server mailboxes, which are fully backed up, ensuring no important emails are lost.

Benefits of Hosted Email Services:

  • Seamless access to email from any device anywhere in the world where Internet access is available
  • You receive enterprise grade email services and pay per user instead of having to own and maintain a high-cost email solution
  • Free technical support 7x24x365 for the server and hosted mailboxes
  • Malware security and full data centre security provide peace of mind
  • Enterprise grade backup and DR environment

Our Hosted Email Services Include:

  • Fully hosted and managed mailboxes
  • Properly managed data centre, perimeter, and email server security
  • High level backup and disaster recovery of servers and mailboxes
  • Redundant servers and databases
  • 7x24x365 help desk support
  • Enterprise grade email protection (anti-virus, anti-spam, content & attachment filtering, phishing protection, targeted attack protection)